On-location service

The local support starts when we welcome you at the airport. We will bring you to your accommodation and have a welcome drink. During your stay you have an english speaking contact person who gives you tips and provides you with helping hands if you have any problems. You will receive daily tips, event recommendations and assistance with problems. We book for you cheap car rental, offer currency exchange at the best terms, look for cheap domestic flights, and you can visit our language course. In short: We organize your stay!

Does this sound familiar? After the flight hardships you are standing pretty sleepy and disoriented in a foreign country, not able to speak the language and not knowing where to go!

The start into the holiday often begins with the acquaintance of willingly helping airport crooks. The lurking taxi drivers and tourist guides call to welcome right now the first notes. The roads from the airport to the accommodation (mostly in the city centers) in Brazil are long … and you, as an attentive reader of these pages, already know: Gringos at least always are charged the double. Allow yourself getting picked up from the airport and taken to your accommodation. We look forward to your arrival and expect you at the airport to have a welcome drink.

Around the clock there ist a German-, English-and Portuguese-speaking contact person to solve all your questions and problems.

During your holiday we look after you and help with tips and insider knowledge. We will inform you about the latest festivals and events, of which you as a tourist normally is been informed afterwards. If you do not want to walk in the well-trodden as overcrowded tourist paths, we take you to places where you get to know the real Brazil and the mood in the country. Places which a tourist commonly never gets to experience.

We show those exchange offices where you change favorable and save the usual tourist surcharges (yes, you have read correctly: exceptionally, it is not the matter of bonuses!).

By renting a car from one of the local car rental companies you save about 50% in comparison to international service providers. Optionally, you can add the booking of a knowledgeable local driver, which may prove as to be helpful because the transport system in the metropolises of Brazil is a mess.

The potential problems with domestic flights, you already know from our article FLIGHTS. As our customer, you do not have to grapple with. We are searching for the cheapest flights and for options that will bring you directly to your destination. We will book for you … online or in the local travel agency.

If you somewhere fall into trouble, if you have to negotiate with authorities, locals or the police, then call us! You’ve got your own personal interpreter, who will maneuver you out of awkward situations.

Who masters the English language has the advantage of being able to chat wonderfully in Brazil. However, only with English-speaking tourists! Brazilians prefer for communication apart from a sign language their native language. Without basic knowledgement in Portuguese you will not get far. The key phrases you can learn with our proven crash course in a few days.

COSTS: 200 € per week
The language course is not included and has to be arranged separately. This price depends on the number of participants.