Day-Tour Old Town
Search for the culture traces at Pelourinho, the famous city centre and World Cultural Heritage from the colonial era. Roam through the small galleries and shops, quickly go by the notable churches moving fastly into the Bahia-Café on the Praça da Sé to get rid of the beggars.

Day-Tour Favela with Bodyguard
Make yourself an idea of the suffering of the world. Your donations will be taken away from you personally. So you economize bank charges.

Night-Tour Pelourinho
Those who love and like tourism spectacle are celebrating with numerous escorts, the beggars, whores and shady touristic guides on the nocturnal party district Pelourinho.

Night-Tour Samba
If you prefer escaping into the arms of a passionate brazilian Sambarina, just let’s start into a long night at the samba bars where the brazillian flames just don’t stop dancing! In case of fire alert, for the sake of simplicity, submerge in a samba wave.

Rio de Janeiro
Look Rio … and die. Here your dreams may come true! If you are less fortunate,at least unforgetable memories will remain.

Flying over the topography of Rio is just a sensation. Unfortunately, there is reason to fear that during the World Cup prices will rise more than the helicopter from which you look down on the Corcovado with the Christ Statue, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Maracana and the beaches of Ipanema, Copacabana and Botafogo.

Feijoada in a Samba School
If Jorginho do Império invites to a Feijoada once a month, then 1000 people stream into the legendary Samba School Império Serrano in Madureira. You want to be a part of it? probably you will not meet tourists there.

Meet & greet stars of Samba personally
Get to know a famous sambastar personally and witness a show backstage with the whole entourage.

Night-Tour Disco
through the relevant Night-Clubs of Copacabana.

through the well-known Samba bars in Lapa.

Tour Iguaçu
A trip to the border triangle where there are located the highest waterfalls of the world? A natural paradise, touristically cultured, where after sunset the lights are fading out. 2-days-trip.

Beach tour
Around salvador there waits a 60 miles sand beach for you. At the weekends the beaches are nearly bursting.

Island tour
Visit the islands Itaparica or Morro de São Paulo. Even the go by with the ferry boat is an event by itself.

Tour country and people
During a tour into the interior you will experience a totally different Brazil. People in their every day life, at work, at siesta, and at weekends also at Samba and Forró.

photo / movie tour
There is much and many to see in this country. If you book a photo tour or a workshop of Agentur Samba you can take pictures or film under professional guidance.

All offered tours will be guided by a english speaking tour guide. 2 to 4 participants.