From Germany regularly fly three airlines to Brazil: Lufthansa, Condor and TAP. All of them are members of the Star Alliance and fully recommended. Experience shows that Condor offers the cheapest deals.
Difficult to predict how prices will evolve until the start of the World Cup. Currently (November 2013), everything is still in the green zone, and so you can book your flights easily by yourself.
If the flights become scarce and more expensive, some of our partners may be due to offer favorable tickets from pre-ordered quotas. Therefore, you are welcome to consult us and handle the booking through us … for free.
COSTS: for free
If you want to support your team and watch games in different cities, you will have no choice but to book domestic flights. However, is to be feared that unless there are some other World Cup guests which do not want to cover the long distances on foot. Consequently, it will not be that easy to get hold of for flight availability. And because the airlines know this fact, they have brought as a precaution prices ever to climb. Price increases up to 1000% indicate fairly lifted ideas of these flying dealers. Bottomless! We think so too. And if you don’t believe us, read this report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
So that you will not end up suddenly in brazil on the floor of the facts, we offer a free consultation service. Indeed, it is by no means certain that one can not fly well at reasonable prices. The price differences are enormous. However, this also applies for the duration of flight. If you do not plan to book a tour through Brazil on which you of course only experience all sorts of airports, if you want to follow, for example, your team from Salvador to Fortaleza and on this route is not necessarily very important to deal with something on the airport toilets of Aracaju, Recife, Maceio, João Pessoa and Natal, we
recommend to book a direct flight. Unfortunately, finding the right flight in a a nearly unmanageable offer is further complicated by the language barrier, and it should have happened already, that one or the other unlucky fellow already flew in the wrong direction. However Especially with the dense World Championship calendar punctual arrival at the (correct) destination is not unimportant. It is best to let us search for inexpensive options that will bring you directly to your destination. We also handle the booking for you.

COSTS: This service is part of the ON LOCATION SERVICE PACKAGE