You find them everywhere: the dropout heroes. They romanticize about the wunderful country and boast that nothing ever happened to them. Even at all: there are risks everywhere! What a wonderful life, you may think now. Maybe you dream of flapping through foreign countries and customs like a butterfly, recklessly enjoying the exoticism. But if you seriously question the existence of the Easter bunny, you now probably may hear whispers of your sanity which tries to tell you a fact you should think about twice: innocence and ignorance are no solid arguments, not even if you’re talking to a patrol cop.The reality keeps on telling us: if wealth and poverty encounter each other, crime is always involved. Where tourists walk abroad there are beggars, whores, thiefs and overfriendly “may i help you’s”. Sure, all they want the best from you – money! Everyone has his own method, and some would even use any means.
Not only in brazil tourists are given the attribute “valuable”. But in Brazil you are considered as a gift of god. Brazil is not more dangerous than other states with great social inequality. But to be honest: it is quite more secure on the Wolfgangsee. Do not believe that your safety is without reason at the top of our offer .

Our security package is based on many years of experience, whence results the the final analysis that “gringos” won’t be touched if they are accompanied by locals. In contrast to those lonely wandering figures you are supposed having friend ties between you and your escorts, which results in the fact that you don’t count as an unprotected game. Whereby you don’t need any armed bodyguards who follow you like your own shadow. All you need the company of brazillian people … trustworthy people, of course! And the most trustworthy they are if they are well-paid.

Our security crew consists of sympathic people who like to joke, but without losing the sense for dangers. With such a security crew you will meet interesting people and visit wonderful locations which you better stay away from being without company. By this safe manner you will make local friends and quickly integrate into society.

Your personal security not only ensures your safety but also ensures that you will experience more and have more fun. Honestly we can’t ensure a 100% security. But in our hands you are certainly much more secure than lying on a hotels beach. Approximately around 100 €, not per hour, but per day your life should be worth to you. That’s the small charge for your personal guardian angel. The price is invincible and – as far as we know – the offer itself is very special.

COSTS: 100 € per day
Each additional person (up to 4 persons) only pays 50% per day