Events in Salvador

Pelourinho Night
1 night on the road with one of our guides
Those who love and like tourism spectacle are celebrating with numerous escorts, the beggars, whores and shady touristic guides on the nocturnal party district Pelourinho.

Day-Tour Old Town
1 day on the road with one of our guides
Search for the culture traces at Pelourinho, the famous city centre and World Cultural Heritage from the colonial era.

Roam through the small galleries and shops, quickly passing by the venerable churches moving fastly into the Bahia-Café on the Praça da Sé to get rid of the beggars.

Charity tour to a Favela
1 day on the road with one of our guides
Make yourself an idea of the suffering of the world. Your donations will be taken away from you personally. So you economize bank charges. Accompanied by a security guide you nevertheless come back safe and

sound and have had a taste of everyday life in Bahia.

Samba Night
1 Samba night with guide and Sambarinas
If you prefer escaping into the arms of a passionate brazilian Sambarina, just let’s start into a long night at the samba bars where the brazillian flames just don’t stop dancing! In case of fire alert, for the sake of simplicity, submerge in a samba wave.