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All Brazilians expect from the FIFA World Cup a victory for the Seleção. But not only that. They hope to achieve even their personal (of course financial) gain. The hotels advanced their prices by 500 – 1000% … and in the case of private room providers it is not better. Furthermore with private landlords is by no means assured that you can move into your pre-paid room, especially since some brokers run the streets, which can only achieve their ambitious goals (usually an ambitious self-rehabilitation model) if they rent their apartments more than once.

With us you book without posing any commercial risk. We are a German supplier who is available for you as a consultant in Brazil. We draw from a pool of private property owners, which we mostly know personally, and we know what to look for in the contract and payment conditions.

Hotels are safe and expensive. The prices of the FIFA hotels start at 350 € per night. By the way: Lady visitors are not allowed in hotels.

In small pousadas (inns) you live cheaper. However, especially in peak periods such as Carnival and now the FIFA World Cup price and performance often are not in the right ratio. Also the fact that tourists in general pay twice the usual amount, does not mean that they already are fleeced enough. Therefore, in the choice of the inn the point SECURITY should not be ignored. It depends not only on the door locks, and also hotel and room safes are not an advisable protection for your valuables. The decisive factor is the location of the guesthouse and the trustworthiness of the staff.

As an interesting alternative we consider the renting of an apartment. Here, on these pages, you actually still will find a pretty good selection. Have a look around! We recommend to book early. If the rooms are limited – and this will happen soon – further price increases are expected.

On this website you can book your accommodations in various World Cup cities.

COSTS: Prices (per person) can be found at the respective apartments.

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